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Chuck Hellier

Chuck Hellier

Professional Online NDT Training from NDTClassroom, Inc.

Online NDT Training – NDT Classroom recognizes the need for effective online NDT training. NDT legends Chuck Hellier and Jim Treat have brought together industry leading instructors. Together they offer completely video-based online NDT training to create NDT Classroom.

Until recently, video-based training on the internet was not possible and therefore highly engaging, interactive HD quality video-based online training could not be reliably delivered. NDT Classroom has combined a state of the art media production company and NDT industry innovators to provide the highest quality training with the best delivery method available.

There are other web based training courses available, but they cannot show real HD video examples being performed. Watching a largely static slide show online is not effective training.

Students can:

  • access the material from work, home and on-site
  • study 24/7
  • learn at their own pace
  • contact instructors to answer questions
  • access from any computer no special software required

Organizations can:

  • reduce or eliminate travel cost
  • reduce worker downtime
  • receive consistent, quality training standards used in- ASNT, AWS, NAS-410, CP105 and ISO-9712
  • receive student progress and company overview reports

Educational institutions can:

  • use NDTCassroom courses in their currialze
  • work with NDTClassroom to customize learning
  • enable students to learn anywhere
  • receive student progress reports
  • receive consistent learning everytime
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