How Does Online Training Work?


NDT Classroom courses are designed with the technician in mind.

We know it is difficult to get large groups away from the field.  These completely video-based courses allow technicians to learn the theory training from anywhere there is an internet connection.  You can complete your training as time is available because the NDT Classroom Learning Management portal allows you to resume where you left off.

There is testing after each section to ensure knowledge retention.  At the conclusion of a course, there is an opportunity to review all of the material before the final exam.  Students receive a Certificate of Completion upon passing of the final exam.


There are three options to complete your practical training.

     1.   Have your company’s trainer perform the practical training and testing.

     2.   Complete your practical training at a NDT training facility.

     3.   Have NDT Classroom provide a Level III instructor to train at your facility.

          Contact Us HERE for instructor placement.


Once the online training course (including the required reading assignment) and the “hands-on” lab sessions are completed, the experience time as defined in SNT-TC-1A (2011), NAS 410, and the employers written practice, must be addressed.

Experience is typically achieved by performance of various tasks related to the procedures for each specific method and is carried out under the guidance and oversight of the companies Level III. The experience time must be documented and should be verified by the Level III.

Once all of these have been satisfied, the certification process can begin and again must follow the requirements of the employers written practice. Usually, the examinations are developed and administered by the Level III but some companies may choose to use an outside agency. Only the employer can certify their personnel.