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Introduction to NDT

The Introduction to NDT course is  taught by industry icon Chuck Hellier, who literally wrote the book on NDT training.  Intro to NDT is perfect for people who want to get a general overview of the industry.
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Eddy Current

The NDTclassroom Level I Eddy Current course addresses the theory and principles related to general surface scanning techniques.  In addition, it covers general aerospace applications.
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Magnetic Particle

Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) is one of the most widely used Nondestructive Tests. It is a quick and effective test for the detection of discontinuities at or very close to the surface of the object being examined.
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Penetrant Testing

Penetrant Testing (PT) is a widely used NDT method that is capable of detecting very small discontinuities that are open to the surface and can detect those flaws well below the VT threshold.
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Radiographic Testing

In the Radiographic Testing (RT) Level I course, the student will learn the theory and principles of radiation and how they apply to the basics of radiography.
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Ultrasonic Testing

The Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Level I course includes a basic introduction to the theory and principles of ultrasound including frequency, velocity, and wavelength.
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Visual Testing

This online course is appropriate for individuals with little or no inspection training and is an ideal course to begin one’s career in NDT.
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Radiation Safety Training

Our Radiation Safety course has been accepted for use by the certifying states, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Illinois, Georgia, Iowa, Oklahoma & Maine with your RSO’s approved program.
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Refresher Courses

NDTclassroom’s REFRESHER courses are completely video based online courses taught by industry-leading instructors. Each Refresher course is designed for the learner to review the material at their own pace while completing section quizzes and a Final Exam.

Phased Array 101

The NDT Classroom Phased Array 101 provides an overview of phased array technology as applied in the examination of welds, with a focus on pressure retaining welds to ASME requirements.  The course is intended for technical staff needing to understand the fundamentals and terminology of the technology, as well as an overview the processes and key variables involved. The course discusses the equipment of phased array as well as important considerations in equipment selection.  Included in this course is an overview of the physics associated with phased array, the equipment and its setup, as well as a look at exam execution and data analysis. Additional the course looks at the many ways in which results are reported.
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Phased Array 102

The NDT Classroom Phased Array 102 Qualification Process to ASME Code looks at advanced ultrasonic processes –phased array and time-of-flight-diffraction, from the perspective of process quality assurance and third-party oversight as addressed in the ASME Codes for pressure vessels and piping. With a focus on the procedures, their content and requirements for their demonstration and qualification,  the course addresses procedures and their content, use and importance of Scan Plans, as well as workmanship and fracture mechanics based examination.  Additionally, the training looks at data analysis and review concepts needed to ensure examinations are as required.
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Phased Array 80 Hour Level 2

Cost effective: Higher workforce availability, no travelling fees
Convenient: Training is available 24/7
Flexible: Technicians can work part time, study part time
Efficient: Students follow their own pace
ASNT and ISO Standards topical outlines are the basis for our E-learning Level II Phased-array UT training course. A system of timers insures that the students spend at least 80 hours training. The students have 60 days to complete the training.
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ToFD Level II

Our ToFD Level II training is based on ASNT and ISO Standards topical outlines. The training is divided in sections. Each section covers a specific subject, basic knowledge, ToFD Theory, data analysis. The training covers manual ToFD as well as automated and semi-automated ToFD.

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